The LION ETHOS Holistic Personal Development

Center For Transformative Personal and Leadership Development

We help entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals achieve peak mental and physical performance. Focus on your passion and excel.
Our holistic approach drives transformative and sustainable personal and leadership growth.

Our Approach is Holistic

At THE LION ETHOS, we know that the foundation of impactful personal changes. The transformative changes that are both achievable and sustainable are rooted in consistency and are holistic in nature.

This is why our approach is holistic. Our holistic approach to your development journey incorporate the following areas below. All working to compound your developmental progression. In order to serve a single purpose. Make you perform at your best all year round without much effort at all. Regardless of the unknown changes in factors and conditions that are outside of your control at that moment.



Clarity of thought and in communication of purpose, direction and progress.

Strength & Resiliency

Physical and mental strength through personal development. The ability to show up 100% to JUST GET IT DONE. No-matter the variable, nature or human made.

Compounded Progress

Every progress you make will compounds. We work methodically and in steps. So you get full value of every progress you made in both your personal, relationships and professional lives.


Quality everything only approach to life. No entropy. You become more efficient in your time and resources management.

Creativity, Pragmatism & Sustainability

Creative, pragmatic and sustainable approach to problem solving and to life.

We believe in ‘leading the way’ principle to personal and leadership (support and) development.

Our approach is to Motivate > Clarify > Educate > Support > Inspire > Held Accountable for the raining days when life gets in the way.

Words, coupled with the courage and willingness to ‘lead the way’ from the front, the combination can change the world.

This is what sets up apart from other personal and leadership development programs. Because we step up TO LEAD THE WAY in order to show the path.

We use the principle our founder called “The 90 9 .9” rule.

We lead the way from the front. Then we show by talking about what we’ve done. Then we talk about how we’ve done it. Then we present it in our own way. So that we can inspire other to step up and LEAD THE WAY along with us.

Watch our founder speaks about leadership at TEDx.

Our Services


Development Coaching, Seminar and Speech

Our approach is holistic using the framework developed by our founder. Wether it is in areas of individual capacity training, cultural dynamics, collaborative processes, pragmatic thinking, individual accountability, group motivation and inspiration. We have the tools and expertise ready to support your professional practice.

High Performance Fitness Program

We’ll guide you to unlock your inner and outer strength, both physically and mentally. Using our proven high performance coaching method (this is like a personal training service on steroid).

As with all our programmes. Our coaching program is holistically. This particular program has it’s foundation in physical and mental training used by high level athletes and executives such as Formula One Drivers (such as Lewis Hamilton, Niki Lauda..), Legendary Athletics (Serena Williams, Usain Bolt, Björn Borg), as well as high top level executives with demanding job of making clear, concise and impactful decision at speed daily.

Future Leaders Program

(for 18-25 years old)

This program is a combination of our Transformative Leadership Program and The Inner Lion Game Fitness Program for our future leaders.

It design to guide and create generation of dynamic, programatic, resourceful and well rounded future leaders. With the ability to become influencer for other young people for a more balanced, sustainable and fairer future for all. This is the brainchild and lifetime project of our founder.

The Program has three parts

1. Physical and Mental Toughness Skills Development (i.e. Resiliency and Limit-Breaking Fitness Program).

2. Leadership Skills Development.

3. Social Responsibility and Social Skills Development.

We work and collaborate with various private organisations and partners who are leaders in their fields to deliver the best of these skill sets to our future leaders. Such organisations include universities, tech companies, local businesses, schools, health and fitness businesses, and more.

We are committed to expanding our list of business partners who share our beliefs. We believe that the skill set of future leaders should be holistic, pragmatic in problem solving, and sustainable in delivering a fair and balanced better future for all.