The LION ETHOS Holistic Personal Development

Center For Transformative Personal and Leadership Development

We help entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals achieve peak mental and physical performance. Focus on your passion and excel. Designed with one goal in mind : To save you time.
We leverage an integrated approach that leverage well tested and proven framework coupled with technology to unlock transformative and sustainable personal and leadership growth.

Our Approach is Comprehensiveness

At THE LION ETHOS, we know that the foundation of impactful personal changes. The transformative changes that are both achievable and sustainable are rooted in chosen “to lead by choice”. This foster short term consistency and better accountability that leads to realistic long term transformation.

Our approach fosters physical and mental development, leading to increased physical strength, mental alertness, and focus and improved mental clarity to make daily important decisions. These physiological improvements contribute to significantly enhanced efficiency in performing your best as an ambitious professional. You’ll be able to execute tasks with minimal physical or mental barriers. Our approach to your development journey incorporates the following areas below, all working synergistically to compound your progress. This comprehensive strategy serves a singular purpose: to enable you to perform at your peak throughout the year, regardless of unforeseen external factors or conditions.



Clarity of thought and in communication of purpose, direction and progress.

Strength & Resiliency

Physical and mental strength through personal development. The ability to show up 100% to JUST GET IT DONE. No-matter the variable, nature or human made.

Compounded Progress

Every progress you make will compounds. We work methodically and in steps. So you get full value of every progress you made in both your personal, relationships and professional lives.


Quality everything only approach to life. No entropy. You become more efficient in your time and resources management.

Creativity, Pragmatism & Sustainability

Creative, pragmatic and sustainable approach to problem solving and to life.

We believe in ‘leading the way’ principle to personal and leadership (support and) development.

Our approach is to Motivate > Clarify > Educate > Support > Inspire > Held Accountable for the raining days when life gets in the way.

Words, coupled with the courage and willingness to ‘lead the way’ from the front, the combination can change the world.

This is what sets up apart from other personal and leadership development programs. Because we step up TO LEAD THE WAY in order to show the path.

We use the principle our founder called “The 90 9 .9” rule.

We lead the way from the front. Then we show by talking about what we’ve done. Then we talk about how we’ve done it. Then we present it in our own way. So that we can inspire other to step up and LEAD THE WAY along with us.

Watch our founder speaks about leadership at TEDx.

Our Services

Transformative High Performance Program

Our approach is comprehensiveness and integrated using the framework developed by our founder.

With over two decades of combined experience in business analysis, leadership coaching, fitness coaching, and technology. We bring a unique perspective to your challenges. So you can just focus on what you do best.

We have the tools and expertise ready to support your professional practice as entrepreneur, business owner and ambitious professionals that have chosen to follow your passion as a career path.

We create customised solution with one goal in mind : To save you time.