About THE LION ETHOS Why We Do What We Do and Our Founder

Why We Do It

Our Vision: Empowering individuals and organisations for an integrated and comprehensive transformation.

Our Mission: We partner with select, high-achieving entrepreneurs, ambitious professionals, and like-minded organisations who are shaping the future of business and society. Together, we share a commitment to inspiring positive change and creating solutions for tomorrow’s world where self-development is a key driver.

Our Commitment to the Future

Investing in the Next Generation: We are dedicated to shaping a sustainable future for all. We allocate approximately 10% of our resources and income to empowering young generations through innovative and sustainable strategies. We believe a different approach is needed. One that views young people as untapped potentials beyond just social media. Highly capable when challenged in the right ways. Highly performing when fully understood that one size fits all do not work for this group. Fostering their potential in a pragmatic, comprehensive and deterministic fashion that left no stone unturned.

Our Founder

Our founder, Murphy Alex, is a Transformative High Performance Consultant for ambitious professionals building tomorrow’s solutions. He takes an integrated and comprehensive approach to human development. Drawing on over two decades of experience in diverse disciplines such as leadership coaching, self-development, fitness training and coaching, high-performance coaching, engineering, and business analysis.

As for hobbies, he loves fitness, particularly endurance exercises and mixed martial arts (MMA). Enjoys pushing his physical and mental limits sustainably through weight lifting, short distance sprinting… He is also a golf playing enthusiast and enjoys watching Formula One car racing. An avid nature lover and a big fan of classical music because of its natural calming, mind clarity, creativity and inspirational qualities.

Very passionate about writing. With a strong interest in practical philosophy and historic poetry both reading and writing. He is also a published author on the subject of personal and professional development and self improvement. His book, “The Power of Right Now: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom,” is available on Amazon here.

Leveraging his deep background in engineering (as a former business analyst and software engineer). Very curious about and holds a strong interest in practical philosophy and applied human science. In particular their applications to sustainable human development and high performance. He focuses on the narrow aspects of discovering, establishing, and comprehensively pushing humans physical and mental limitations. Fostering resilience by first figuring out our “constant clarity”.

Murphy Alex founder of THE LION ETHOS

“Nothing in life is impossible. So long as we are extremely clear about the end goal. Having constant clarity that is baked into our DNA. We can then wake up each and every single day with the willingness to put in more than enough focused time. This will require us to go beyond the normal efforts and hold an unmovable belief in our ability to just get it done. Eventually, we will fall in love with the process itself, reaching the point where we will never want to stop, regardless of the inevitable short-term ups and downs. Time as they say is the arbiter of truth and it is very much relative.”

— Murphy Alex founder of THE LION ETHOS