Future Leaders Program For Youths and Young People

Leadership Development Program for youths and young people aged 18-25. Our program help future generation of leaders develop comprehensive all-around skills and knowledge.

Our Future Leaders Program

In today’s crazy world, both young and young adults feel the stress, right? The pressure of not being good enough, dealing with unfair advantage, comparing ourselves to others, and the constant fear of failing. It’s not just a now thing; it messes with our heads about what’s coming next. That’s where The LION ETHOS comes into play.

So, this “Future Leaders Program” isn’t your regular program. It’s like your personal guide to being a kickass leader for yourself and others. It’s made for folks aged 18-25, and it’s not just about making you better; it’s about giving you the tools to shake things up in your life and the lives of those around you.

Check this out:

✅ Get Stronger: Kick anxiety to the curb, build up that self-confidence, and discover both your inner and outer strength, equally.
✅ Connect Like a Pro: Nail those social skills, ditch the social anxiety, and build some real connections.
✅ Feel Awesome Inside and Out Sustainably: Boost your self-esteem, self-worth, self-love, and just transform yourself completely.

But it’s not a one-way street. As you become this super self-leader, you’ll naturally start influencing your pals, taking charge in your family, and making a real mark on the world. This program isn’t just about making you a cool leader; it’s about making you a game-changer for everyone around you.

Does the “Future Leaders Program” sounds interesting to you? Want to unleash your potential, do your thing for yourself, and make your life seriously count by making a difference for others. Cool? Keeping reading..

Leader live To Lead The Way and waky up every day to JUST GET IT DONE.png

We have the honour of hosting amazing global leaders.

We had the honour of hosting General Stefan Andersson as a guest speaker during one of THE LION ETHOS Future Leaders Program sessions.

We were very honoured to have him, and we were all truly appreciative of his time. We gained lots of leadership insights from his speech.

Here’s a clip from the day.

Watch our guest speak global leader General Stefan Andersson at one of our leadership day sessions.


Empowering Young Leaders

At the heart of the “Future Leaders Program” lies our commitment to empowering youths and young leaders.

We understand that leadership goes beyond just acquiring skills; it’s about embracing a set of principles and values that will guide you in a rapidly evolving landscape.

A Comprehensive Skill Set

Our program equips you with a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge that are essential for effective leadership.

We ensure you are well-prepared, whether you aspire to serve by creating your own valuable global empire, various leadership role as you see fit, engage in diplomacy of peacemaking influencer among your peers, or take on any leading role/missions local or globally. We encourage you to STEP UP, CHIN UP, STEP FORWARD, and JUST GET IT DONE. Enhancing both your physical strength and mental resilience. So you are always ready to just go.

Diverse Leadership Roles

This program is a combination of our “Transformative Leadership Program” and “The Inner Lion Game High Performance Fitness Program” for our future leaders.

It is designed to guide and create a generation of dynamic, pragmatic, resourceful, and well-rounded future leaders. With the ability to become influencers for other young people, aiming for a ‘real’ stressless, balanced, sustainable, and fairer future for all. This is the brainchild and lifetime project of our founder, Murphy Alex.

The ‘Future Leaders Programme’ recognises that leadership comes in various forms: starting your own unique empire, defending your nation, pursuing diplomatic endeavours, leading large organisations, guiding and positively influencing your peers (such as youths your age), being a guiding light to people in your life, speaking on stages to inspire global audiences. Our program hones your abilities to excel in any role, be it leadership, qualitative analysis, pragmatic thinking, quality relationship building, social skills, negotiation, communication, resourcefulness, or creativity. You’ll be ready TO LEAD THE WAY.

Social Responsibility and Beyond

We believe that leadership extends to social responsibility and the development of social skills and strong charisma. Our program instills in you the values of of sustainable actions as a duty, thinking before doing as a believe system, fairness as a responsibility, and personal development as a must-have quality.

We are dedicated to demonstrating and helping you understand that having fun is a crucial aspect of being human and leader. Learning to love what you do and doing what you love is essential for sustainability and continual growth. We instil in you the value of learning to socialise and relate to people, even those with whom you have little in common or disagree with, as an integral part of becoming a well-rounded human being.

We aim to prepare you to making a difference as a responsibility. Motivating you to step up, chin up, step forward, and JUST GET IT DONE whenever it will make a real difference.

Your Journey as a Future Leader

As part of the “Future Leaders Program,” your singular purpose is to contribute value to the world. We are here to help you every step of the way.

With THE LION ETHOS Centre for Transformational Leadership Development, you have a reliable partner on your journey. Your life’s mission is to make a difference to those you lead. No complaining. Just observation. With no excuses. Just clarity of information. Wake up every single day, then JUST GET IT DONE.